Interested in becoming a member?

What is Rotary you ask?

We are a membership organization of local business, professional and community leaders.  We meet regularly, get to know each other, form friendships, and through that, we are able to get things done in our communities and across the globe.  Rotarians are People of Action!

Why Join Rotary?

There are many reasons people join Rotary, all unique to them.  Here are some of the many reasons people join Rotary:

  1. Friendship - Rotarians create lifelong friendships in their club, other communities and internationally.

  2. Professional Development - Rotary is a network of business, professional and community leaders who have a culture of high integrity and purpose.  Our members are exposed to people in a vast range of vocations; by this association, our members not only enhance their business, they learn from and identify with the leaders in their community.

  3. Personal Growth - Rotary takes ordinary individuals and puts them into extraordinary circumstances.  Our members develop skills that help to make them better - better individuals, community leaders, and humanitarians.

  4. Leadership Development - Membership in Rotary develops leaders and leadership skills.  We provide leadership training at all levels of our organization.  We teach you how to lead leaders in a volunteer organization.  If you can be an effective Rotary leader, you will be a better business leader.

  5. Community - Rotary clubs give our members a way to get involved in making their local communities better. 

  6. Fun - Rotary is Fun!  Our club meetings, projects, social activities and gatherings are filled with fellowship, laughter and entertainment.  Our members are friendly, welcoming and engaging.

  7. Public Speaking Skills - Rotary club meetings and events place a high value and regard on effective public speaking.  Participating in a Rotary club helps our members to develop confidence and skills in public communication.

  8. The Opportunity to Serve - You Can Make a Difference.  Service is what Rotarians do.  We change the lives of others in need.  Your membership gives you the opportunity, structure, know-how and resources to provide service to others.  Rotary empowers our membership to dream large in addressing needs in local and international communities.  Individual members create our projects; from the global eradication of polio, to a local beautification project; our members determine our action.

  9. There's something for everyone - There are multiple ways you can contribute to the club, depending on your skills and passions.  Become a board member or a committee chair, assist in local community projects or perhaps international projects.  

Think Rotary is a good fit for you? 

We welcome you to join us as a guest at our meetings or volunteer at one of our many community service projects.  Come see for yourself who we are and what we do.  We'd love to get to know you and your passions!