Venue: Leefield Community Hall, 7910 -36th Avenue, Millwood, Edmonton
The 2019 Annual Thanksgiving Dinner sponsored by the Rotary Club of Edmonton Southeast and Millbourne Laundromat was held at Leefield Community Hall in Millwoods are of Edmonton. This marked the 27th anniversary of this long running community event to feed the needy in the Greater Edmonton Area

Zimbabwe School Shoes Project - June 2017 Update


Members of the Rotary Club of Edmonton Southeast and Rotary Club of Msasa, Harare, Zimbabwe went to present full scholarships to the senior class at Chokudza Primary School in Chivhu in Jan 17 and found that nearly all the students had no shoes. Pictures taken during the presentation touched some hearts at our club. Rotarian Alrick Brown took the initiative to raise the funding required to make this happen. A total of more than US$3500 was raised and sent to Zimbabwe on 21 March 2017
Great thanks to all who contributed to this worthy cause.
At the end of May 2017 at the start of the winter term, The Msasa Rotary Club of Harare went to the school and presented the last batch of shoes for the shoes project that included stockings and school materials. The shoe project is now complete. Great thank you to Rotarians and our supporters who made this possible